Tour Golf - Lessons/Tips

Your golf clubs are an investment in yourself and your golf game. Without being properly fit for your clubs you may be making a bad investment decision. Get fit by a professional and don’t be afraid to ask questions!!!!!

Now with the prices of clubs you don’t need to waste money on clubs that aren’t correct for you. All the major manufacturers have the capabilities to build custom golf clubs and this is where the art of clubfitting has taken its biggest leap. With the advances of technology in both the computer arena and the research and design of clubs the golfer can now reach their true potential. Extensive video and clubfitiing systems allow the trained eyes of a professional clubfitter to fine-tune the golf clubs for all types of players and all types of swings.

Blade style clubheads and steel shafts up into the mid 80’s were the only options available and golfers were forced to mold their swings to the equipment. Now with the prices of clubs you don’t need to waste money on clubs that aren’t correct for you. Golfers were held back from seeing their true potential as a golfer due to the make-up of the clubs in the bag.
Variables such as length of shaft, flex of shaft, steel or graphite shaft, lie angle, loft of clubs, grip size & type, and the characteristics of the clubhead itself are all available from the manufacturer of your choice. The clubfitter will explain all the variables that could possibly be hurting or helping your game.

A prime example of what can occur with improper clubs begins at address. If the length is incorrect you may slouch or stand too upright. This will affect the plane that the club is swung on and can also cause fat or thin shots. The proper length of the club will promote correct posture therefore helping the golfer swing on plane more frequently.

Another variable so commonly misunderstood is the shaft . Shaft flex will allow the player to maximize clubhead speed with a swing they are most comfortable with. This is so important for all levels of players because clubhead speed is what helps maximize distance and control of the golf ball. Once the flex is found for maximum clubhead speed we can now see how the weight and the torque of the shaft will change the feel and the ball flight.

With so many important variables involved in properly fit clubs the golfer now has the ability to form the clubs around their swing. By going through a clubfitting you get the correct clubs for your body size and swing style. You can leave with an understanding of how your clubs suit your swing and what variables have been corrected or changed to suit you the golfer.