Welcome to the ACCELERIZED Golf Teaching Method

You will only know what a great golf swing feels like if you are forced to make one!
  1. Hot Lines will not let you sway your hips
  2. Hot lines will make you take the club on plane during your backswing
  3. Hot Lines will not allow you to “cross the line” at the top of your swing
  4. Hot Lines will force a proper pivot
 Hot Lines will impact 15 critical areas of your golf swing.

Hot Lines are invisible boundaries around your body and golf club that you must stay within.  Hit a Hot Line and the ball will literally disappear!  This means the difference between truly “feeling” a difficult swing change and making it permanent or being stuck with the same inconsistent motion you know all too well.  Breaking 100 for the first time, getting your handicap to single digits, or even helping a tour professional make a swing change for a tournament win are all events happening with Accelerized students right now.  This break through technology developed and patented by Accelerized Golf is re-educating golfers of all abilities how to build and maintain a flawless golf swing.  Hot Lines give the golfer the ability to focus on swing changes by providing instantaneous and dramatic feedback

While there are many teaching methods, systems, and training aids, all center around one focus… providing the student with feedback to improve their golf swing.

The problem has been finding a way to provide feedback that is immediate, tangible, and can be repeated without the need for the student to be “manipulated” or have any device attached to their club or body.

Without Accelerized Golf’s patented Hotlines technology all of these needs are met.
The key is the immediate and dramatic feedback resulted from the golf ball dropping from sight when a student makes an incorrect move in their golf swing. Impossible? Not with Hotlines from Accelerized Golf.

By using Accelerized Golf’s videographics system, professionals establish reference lines, or Hotlines, customized for each golfer’s swing. Should the student enter any of the zones defined with Hotlines, the videographics system triggers a mechanism that literally drops the golf ball from the tee. Yes, this means an incorrect swing results in a “whiff” at worst… or an immediate correction at best!

All Accelerized Golf teaching and practice bays are identical and include our six-camera camera videographics system, Hotlines technology, and automatic tee that both tees the ball up and causes it to disappear.

So when visiting any Accelerized Golf Facility, a student can achieve what we call “perfect practice.”

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