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First Time Series #1 First Time Series #2 Standard
Visit 1- One Hour Lesson Visit 1- One Hour Lesson
Visit 2- Half Hour Lesson Visit 2- Half Hour Lesson
Visit 3- Half Hour Lesson Visit 3- Half Hour Lesson
Visit 4- One Hour Lesson Visit 4- One Hour Lesson
Visit 5- One Hour Lesson Visit 5- Iron & Wood Fitting

Both series include**unlimited practice for 5 weeks from first lesson or equivalent of 10 half Hour practice sessions.
Helpful hint: a practice session is scheduled after each lesson to maximize the learning process.

Lesson Packages
W / monthly Practice
Three 1 Hour Series
(each hour includes half hour lesson & half hour practice)
Five 1 Hour Series
(each hour includes half hour lesson & half hour practice)
Three 1 ½ Hour Series
(each 1 ½ hr includes 1 hour lesson & half hour practice)
Five 1 ½ Hour Series
(each 1 ½ hr includes 1 hour lesson & half hour practice)
Ten 1 ½ Hour Series
(each 1 ½ hr includes 1 hour lesson & half hour practice)
Yearly Lesson/Practice Package
(include Two 1 ½ hr lessons/mo. +**unlimited practice)    
Junior Four 1 Hour Lesson Package
Junior Eight 1 Hour Lesson Package

Practice Packages
Half Hour Practice
1-Hour Practice
Monthly Practice

1-Hour Rate
(includes half hour lesson with half hr practice)
1 ½ Hour Rate
(includes 1 hr lesson with half hr practice)    

*Lesson policy: Any lessons cancelled within a 24 hours of appointment are subject to a full rate charge.


Club Fitting
Iron or driver fitting
Iron and driver fitting
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Accelerized Golf with Hot lines Technology You will only know what a great golf swing feels like if you are forced to make one!
  1. Hot Lines will not let you sway your hips
  2. Hot lines will make you take the club on plane during your backswing
  3. Hot Lines will not allow you to “cross the line” at the top of your swing
  4. Hot Lines will force a proper pivot

More about Hot Lines

TOUR GOLF and Titleist have partnered up to start the Advanced Fitting Works.  Titleist FittingWorks is a comprehensive tee-to-green process developed to provide golfers properly fit equipment throughout the entire set. FittingWorks driver, long game, iron and wedge fitting tools and methods allow each golfer to be prescribed the correct club models and personalized set specifications for optimum performance. Being fit into the proper clubs leads to better play and lower scores.

TOUR GOLF has teamed up with Lindero Country Club to start the Lindero Demo and Fitting Center - Headed by PGA certified club fitter Angel Fierro, players will have the opportunity to get fit and try the latest in technology, such as Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra, Ping, Nike and Cleveland. Lindero Country Club will also be an Official Callaway fitting site. Angel Fierro Bio »


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